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Inoplast s.r.o. was originally a family-owned company and was founded in 2012 by Artem Ocheretin and Tamara Oceretina Radunovic. In comparison to other polymers, EPS recycling was relatively new 2012 and because of that first several years were quite challenging for Inoplast, but through hard work and constant focus on improvement, Inoplast today is one of the few companies in Europe which truly mastered the process of EPS recycling. Our modern and versatile machinery allows us to reprocess plastic waste in many different forms: films, scraps, bales, cut offs, trimmings, ingots, lumps, fibers, compacted blocks.

Our teams is a combination of young and proactive professionals with experienced process specialists. This allows us to be very flexible to meet the demands of our customers while maintaining extremelly high level of quality of our products.

In March 2021 Inoplast welcomed a new shareholder into the company - BEWi Group. BEWi is a leading international provider of packaging, components and insulation solutions. The commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout the value chain, from production of raw materials and end goods to recycling. Having such a strong partner will allow Inoplast to take EPS recycling on a whole new level.  


Used EPS is collected


Then is compacted to reduce size and allow for economical transportation


EPS is recycled at Inoplast into regranulate


Regranulate is used to produce new EPS or XPS

We can help your company to manage yourEPS waste -> Hyperlink to EPS page

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